REVIEW: Windsor Printmaker’s Forum 2014 Annual Members’ Show and Sale, By Natalie Gaudet

This year Windsor Printmaker’s Forum Annual Members’ Show featured the multi-medium work of its artists who were invited to submit work created from a vast array of materials: this allowed those who visited the exhibition the chance to experience not only a wide range of traditional printmaking techniques, but also demonstrated the extent of the work of its members. Members incorporated print onto new mediums that ultimately  made for a dynamic print and multi-medium show. Hung in the open gallery space in the Printmaker’s Forum on July 4th, the show ran until August 31st.

Kacie Auffret, a past director and current studio artist at the Forum, spent this past year at University of British Columbia working towards her MFA in Visual Arts interdisciplinary, creative, and critical studies. Though she had to have her work shipped from BC, Auffret decided it was important this year to submit work to the members’ show at the Forum:

“It was important for me to submit this work (Connection) to the Windsor Printmaker’s Forum for the members’ show because I believe in supporting local non-profit, artist-run organizations. There are not many printmaking studios around, and I would love to Windsor Printmaker’s Forum to stay. Windsor Printmaker’s Forum is so pen to new ways of printing, I thought my piece Connection would fit in and allow others to see the opportunities that printmaking has to offer.”


Connection stood out as one of the pieces in the show that demonstrated the versatility of printmaking, and the new ways contemporary artists are using the medium of printmaking. Connection comprises of an intaglio print on deer hide. Imprinted on the deer hide is an abstracted spinal cord of a deer. Kacie uses the very active method of printmaking to remind the viewer that the hide that holds the imagery once belonged to a living creature.

The work of Patricia Coates, the Forum’s president, demonstrates a contemporary use of printmaking techniques by combining printmaking and installation. Her work Seed Vault utilizes the traditional methods of silkscreen and letterpress printmaking, and applies the techniques to materials such as muslin and burlap. She then incorporates these techniques into a large mixed media installation that emerges from the back corner of the gallery space, as if growing and reiterating the themes of contamination and the uncontrollable man-made spread of GMOs that surround her work.

Seed Vault

Among popular mediums in the exhibit were mixed media drawings such as the work of Eric Owen Wood, Amelia Herceg, and Arturo Herrera.

A hand drawing by Arturo Herrera presented an evolving artwork, and demonstrates how the weather and the land can transform what an artist has originally intended for a work. The work was created during a visit to Montreal on a canvas bag that Herrera carried on his person throughout his travels. The weather, along with the usual wear and tear on the bag, acted as collaborators in the realization of the work, and transformed the drawing as it moved with the artist.


The imprint of the artist seemed to be a special component of the annual members’ show, and could be seen in other work such as Grace Manias’ mixed media prints, which incorporated pencil drawings onto mixed media prints.

Other printmaking techniques included in the show were lino-cut, letterpress, image transfer, and intaglio. Painting, drawing, and sculpture were also among the works.

Members Show 2014

The members’ show included the work of Kacie Auffret, Patricia Coates, Vanessa Cornell, Amelia Herceg, Arturo Herrera, Lauren Laplante, Grace Manias, John Montminy, Taylor Sheppard, and Eric Owen Wood. This unique members’ show allowed its members to explore alternative ways of showing in the WPF gallery space, and allowed viewers of the exhibition to experience the multifaceted work of Windsor Printmaker’s Forum’s members.

Natalie Gaudet is a recent graduate of the University of Windsor’s Visual Arts and Art History program. She is currently pursuing Museum and Gallery Studies at Georgian College in Barrie, Ontario, and serves on the board of directors at Windsor Printmaker’s Forum. 

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